Chalk up another victory in the War on Drugs: 130 pounds of high-grade marijuana with a street value of $650,000 was seized by plainclothes DEA agents trailing two cars with New York plates in Westwood, New Jersey last night. Gee, a couple more big busts like these and victory over drugs will be all but assured! The key to winning this particular battle was apparently the contraband's odor; a Bergen County police chief tells, "officers detected a very intense odor of raw marijuana inside one of the vehicles."

Police Chief Frank Regino says that after receiving a tip about "suspicious vehicles," officers pulled over a gray Chevrolet Impala and a trailing car. Regino tells the Cliffview Pilot, "Neither driver could give a good account of what they were doing in the area." The two women in the vehicles reportedly came from an area 10 miles south of Canada, which is a source of some really primo weed, at least that's what we've heard from those Christmas tree salesmen who come to NYC every year.

Officers found the huge stash of British Columbian pot packaged in heat-sealed, one-pound bundles. Julie T. Ruben, 50, of Winthrop, N.Y., and 47-year-old Janine M. Murray of Brasher Falls are being held in Bergen County jail on $150,000 cash bail each. They're both charged with first degree possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and second degree possession of a controlled dangerous substance within 1000 feet of a school zone.