It's been a gross steam bath in New York City over the past week. And while we're all praying for a thunderstorm to take the edge off of things, let's be happy we're not dealing with the insane rain dumped on Toronto today—Canadian weather services estimated nearly 100 mm/four inches would have fallen by the evening!

According to CBC, "A month’s worth of rain fell on Toronto in just a few hours on Monday, leaving cars and commuters stranded, crippling the subway system and leaving some 300,000 customers without power across the city." Some of these Go Transit commuters seem surprisingly chill, all things considered:

Car drivers don't have it easy, not even stinking rich car drivers:

As for the city's mayor—the alleged crack video star Rob Ford—the Twitterverse and Toronto residents criticized him for claiming the "worst is over", and then for staying in his SUV with his kids to "stay cool." Ford, take a cue from Mayor Bloomberg: Wear a comfort sweater and keep awesome sign language interpreters by your side at all times.