2006_04_nypdcat.jpgThe plight of Molly, the Myers of Keswick cat trapped in a wall, has captured the city's heart - or at least a few of its news station news trucks. The latest: The cat, who hasn't been seen in two weeks ever since disappearing into the Hudson Street structure, was seen by the NYPD's camera, but refused to come out. So Animal Care and Control set a "humane trap," in hopes Molly's hunger will draw her to it. ACC's field director Mike Pastore says, "We can put a man on the moon, but there's a cat that seems to be about four or five feet away. We got to pull this one off." Which is totally what Gothamist was thinking, because we've totally seen that Seinfeld. Maybe we can get Detective Fred, the undercover cat, working on this?

The trapped cat has brought out a show of camraderie from neighbors - a nearby restaurateur brought over a fish for Molly and school children left letters for her (their teachers probably didn't tell them cats can't read...most of the time). And other rescue workers have been chiseling away at the building; the Landmarks group stopped by to make sure everything was above board, as it is a landmark district. Quick - someone make a movie of this!