A Manhattan judge ruled that an insurance company had to pay the $5,000 it cost to reduce an 18 year-old's breasts. The decision was made public yesterday, giving the Post and Daily News opportunity to look up "bilateral gynecomastia," the hormonal imbalance the boy suffered from. The judge wrote, "In order to avoid the great embarrassment and suffering he endured when ridiculed by his peers, [the teen] never swam, went to the beach or engaged in any activities which exposed his chest to view." That is terrible, and while the horrors of male breasts are only coming to light now, women's boobs have been the target of ridicule, as well as admiration, for many years.

Gothamist wonders what Frank Costanza, inventor of the brassiere for men, "The Bro," would think. Perhaps he'd call it an early Festivus gift.