The FDNY was quick to dismiss any complaints about their proposed charging of drivers for FDNY assistance after an accident, saying that insurance companies would most likely foot the bill. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. "Except for some limited circumstances, a charge by the Fire Department for responding to auto crashes would not be covered under current auto insurance policies," said Insurance Superintendent James Wrynn. And don't even think of complaining, because Bloomberg thinks you should just suck it up.

Bloomberg is a fervent supporter of the fees, saying, "We've been cutting out expenses, but I would allege that if you have an accident and you need medical help you don't want us to cut the ambulance." Somehow we can't get the image of a mobster telling you, "That's a nice car you've got there. It would be a pity if something happened to it," just before collecting a payment with the aide of a baseball bat. When asked if this is just another way to raise money for services that should be covered by taxes, he said, “Correct. What do you think all this stuff is about?" Surprise! Government can't balance a budget, so shut the fuck up and deal.

Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. has come out strongly against the fees, saying, "I don't think that people should have to factor in the cost of lifesaving when they make a call. Nine-one-one has always been free and it needs to stay that way...Our Police and Fire Department shouldn't be coming up with the equivalent of menus [of fees] to attempt to save money." City drivers agreed. One said, "You have a hospital bill, and now this? They're trying to benefit off of people's misfortune."