A Queens landlord was brutally beaten with a metal pipe and held hostage by her tenant because he was short on rent, officials say. On Tuesday afternoon Yun Zhong Sun, 43, went to 22-year-old Jasuli Abdimutel's apartment to collect the rent. He welcomed her inside, but explained that he only had $340 in cash to give her. When Sun sat down on his bed to write out a receipt, Abdimutel allegedly "hit her over the head multiple times with a metal pipe, causing her to fall over on the bed and suffer multiple lacerations to the back of her head, forehead and her face," according to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown [pdf].

Police believe Sun tried to call 911, but Abdimutel confiscated her phones, took the cash she had on her person, and forced her to stay bleeding on the floor. Brown alleges that "each time Ms. Sun tried to scream, Abdimutel stuffed a sock or his fingers in her mouth. When Ms. Sun requested water, Abdimutel allegedly refused her requests. When she told Abdimutel she would die without water, he allegedly gave her some and when Ms. Sun asked him if she would die, Abdimutel allegedly stated, 'If you die what will happen to me? I’ll let you go when it’s dark.' "

Then Abdimutel took a shower and put his bloody clothes in a garbage bag, according to prosecutors. Fortunately for Sun, her husband, who is traveling in China, called police after he couldn't get through to his wife. When cops arrived at the premises more than six hours after the alleged assault, they found Abdimutel at the top of the stairs standing in front of his bedroom door. Without prompting, he allegedly told them, "She’s not hurt." The officers then asked him whom he was referring to, and Abdimutel responded "nobody," opening the door to his room and walking in.

Sun suffered multiple facial fractures, a broken right arm, cerebral hemorrhaging and bleeding from her left ear. She received twelve staples to the back of her head, six stitches to the left side of her face, six stitches to the right side of her face, and four stitches to her forehead. Abdimutel faces up to 25 years in prison on a variety of charges, including second-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, and first- and second-degree assault.