Apparently all those claims made by attorney Dudley Gaffin that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia wants to move the "Ground Zero Mosque" to the old St. Vincent's facilities were false, or are so secret that even people deeply involved with the project don't even know about it. Project adviser Daisy Khan told the Daily News, "No one has contacted me or my husband about it," and her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, said, "I remain committed to the idea of the creation of a multifaith community center in lower Manhattan." But stabbing the heartland, etc!

Instead, the News reports that Rudin Management is in talks to buy the shuttered hospital and build apartments and a health facility. Executive John Gilbert said, "The Rudin family is in negotiations with St. Vincent's to develop a solution that benefits creditors and the community, while ensuring the delivery of health care to the people of Greenwich Village." You know what's great for delivering health care? A hospital.