People! You really need to properly install your air conditioners! Otherwise the FDNY is going to get called to your house to do it for you. Which is exactly what happened in NoLIta this morning when one young woman noticed an AC hanging precariously from a fourth story window at 52 Spring Street.

Being a good citizen, when Amber Baldet noticed the dangling AC she quickly called 311 and reported it. According to her, "FDNY was on the scene in less than 5 minutes blocking off the sidewalk and being full of serious business. When none of the building residents answered the door (despite trickling out for work moments after the FNDY left), they pulled out the ladder and pushed the unit inside." Huzzah! You can watch the heroic unit pushing right here:

Meanwhile, if you need some tips on installing an AC just go to this handy PDF from the city. It isn't hard! And not only are improperly installed units dangerous to pedestrians and anything else walking below them, they also can invite burglars!