A man landed at JFK Airport earlier this month with ten pounds of cocaine taped to his legs, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Juan Carlos Galan Luperon arrived at JFK on March 4th, on a flight from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Luperon is a US citizen, according to DHS.

"During his examination, Mr. Luperon exhibited numerous signs of nervousness and his pants appeared to be rather snug," a press release from the agency detailed.

A search revealed the packages taped to Luperon's legs. The white powder within those packages tested positive for cocaine—ten pounds, with an estimated value of $164,000.

Luperon has since been charged with narcotics smuggling, and faces trial in the US Eastern District Court of New York.

His joins a long list of similarly foiled missions, and is particularly reminiscent of these duct tape diapers.