The Port Authority Bus Terminal, which John Oliver has accurately described as "the single worst place on Earth," is undergoing a $90 million facelift that's just getting started. But "Phase One" of its restroom rehabilitation project has already transformed two of the terminal's notoriously terrifying bathrooms into sparkling new comfort stations so sublime that, as R. Lee Ermey once put it, the Virgin Mary Herself would be proud to go in there and take a dump.

The renovated restrooms are located on the second floor of the bus terminal, where you'll find "new flooring, walls, partitions, lighting, ceilings, and plumbing fixtures." As you can see from these photos, you're gonna want to run don't walk over to Port Authority and pamper yourself with an indulgent upscale comfort break. No joke, these new restrooms knock Penn Station's dick in the dirt.

The remaining restrooms on the second floor will now be renovated. The Port Authority has also taken steps to improve cell phone service in the 64-year-old terminal, and plans to install Wi-Fi later this year. Port Authority Bus Terminal: It's The Place To Be!