The NYPD released surveillance photographs from the drug buys that ultimately landed Preppy Killer Robert Chambers and his girlfriend Shawn Kovell in jail. These photographs were taken in the couple's East 57th Street rent-stabilized one-bedroom - looks like they may have spray painted Shawn's name onto a door or wall

Prosecutors asked that Chambers, with his infamous history and the fact that he was charged with 14 counts of drug crime plus counts of assaulting officers, be held without bail while Kovell's bail was set at $50,000 (she was charged with one count of drug sale and possession). Her lawyer told the Daily News, "Because she is associated with - and is the girlfriend of - Robert Chambers, the price of bail goes up. This is a defendant who should be offered some kind of drug treatment program or a slight city [jail] sentence."

The Post briefly interviewed Chambers, who said, "I don't even know where I am. They keep moving me around." And he thanked the reporter for bringing a magazine (unclear what magazine) it was before being taken back to his Rikers cell.