2008_10_armvan.jpgPerhaps to no one's surprise, the Tuesday morning armored car robbery was planned by an employee of the armored car company. An off-duty Dunbar Armored Car guard Robert Blackmon was arrested in the $330,000 robbery, after surveillance footage apparently showed his figure waiting in the vestibule of an M&T Bank location in Kips Bay.

Police say that Blackmon grabbed fellow Dunbar employee Janell Nelson, who was carrying bags of cash from the bank to the armored car. However, the Post reports that Blackmon, who worked for the company for just nine months, later text-messaged Nelson, "asking if she was OK." Plus, Dunbar's owners reportedly said, upon reviewing surveillance footage, "I know that guy! He works here." He called in sick [Tuesday]."

The criminal complaint says the two worked that route before--and that Blackmon asked for Tuesday off to renew his driver's license...though he renewed it already. A source also says Nelson is a "person of interest...because of inconsistencies in her replies on a lie-detector test." The News adds that usually there are three armored car employees assigned on pick-ups--a driver plus two guards, but during Tuesday's robbery, there was just a driver and one guard.