Hundreds of NYPD officers accustomed to pushing papers, not thugs, are being ordered out from behind their desks to walk a beat in New York's toughest and busiest neighborhoods. Starting tomorrow in each of the 76 police precincts, roughly six to 10 administrative cops must report every Friday to their borough commander for reassignment to a patrol in need. That could mean walking a beat anywhere from Times Square to high-crime Brownsville. An NYPD spokesman tells the Post, "This is not a new program, and the NYPD has been using this for years" during the summer, when crime traditionally spikes. Sources say the desk jockeys won't be required to meet the same summons and arrest quotas as their beat-cop counterparts, but their mere presence is expected to both deter crime and be a boon to local purveyors of fried, jelly-filled confections.