The public remains shocked that an NYPD officer was arrested today for allegedly attempting to "kidnap women and cook them." The FBI arrested 28-year-old Gilberto Valle, a married six-year veteran of the NYPD, who has been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and accessing a computer without authorization, for which he faces up to life in prison. But a stroll through Valle's OKCupid profile revealed that he views himself a lot differently than you probably do right now: "I also consider myself a true gentleman, and chivalry is huge with me (yes, I will open doors and pull out chairs for you)." And, um, he will "cook [you] over a low heat" and will "get off" on "knocking" you "out, tying up" your "hands and bare feet and gagging you."

According to his dating profile (screenshots of which you can see above), Valle says he is looking for "an outgoing person who is comfortable with who they are, wherever they are. Someone with a great sense of humor who loves to try new things and who just goes with the flow if well laid out plans end up going to hell." Considering the fact that Valle now stands accused of “discussing plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat body parts of a number of women,” going to hell seems like an understatement.

Valle, who was assigned to West Harlem/Morningside Heights, writes that his favorite foods are "Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese.... I'll try anything and am not picky at all." His favorite book is Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham." He described the book so:

It was written by this famous Doctor. It's about a guy named Sam who makes this new breakfast and tries to get his neighbor to try it. After many failed attempts, the neighbor finally eats it and to his surprise he really likes it. The Doctor's message in his literary work is that it is good to try new things. I try and employ it in my everyday life.

Valle, who attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens and then studied psychology, criminology and criminal justice at the University of Maryland, also wrote that the first two things he spends a lot of time thinking about are "the past day at work and how screwed up people are, what I'm going to eat for dinner." He really loves "The Office, Seinfeld, Arrested Devlopment, the Yankees," and he has "a man crush on Jim Halpert" from The Office. He also lists some of his talents:

Telling corny jokes, finding the funny in most situations, driving, finding my way around the city, crossword puzzles, softball, imitating people, and working up enough courage to sing karaoke.

Valle's mother told DNAInfo that she couldn't believe the charges against her son, "I don't want to speak with you. I need to find out what happened to my son." A neighbor described Valle as "straight as an arrow," and told them she believes "it's a setup." She also added that, "He just had a baby — it doesn't add up. It makes no sense."