A woman, accused of killing her former girlfriend's husband in November 2007, has pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. The Daily News reports that Anastasiya Andreyeva explained, "The candle was burning, and I saw the face with horns and I started shaking and sweating. And then I went to approach the candle and run with it outside because the voice in my head said, 'Bring people the light.'"

Andreyeva was staying at Elina and Aleksey Kats's home in Flatbush. Aleksey Kats had told her to go to sleep, but she went to the kitchen, "I got a knife to protect myself. And I staggered to the bed and ... he rushed at me and at that point I stabbed Mr. Kats." Andreyeva added, "I didn't understand what was going on." Doctors found Andreyeva could not be held responsible for the crime, diagnosing her with "bipolar disorder with features of mania and psychosis," and a prosecutor said, "She believed killing the victim was an act mandated by God." Her lawyer Mark Gimpel told us, "This is a profoundly tragic situation, but this plea represents the appropriate and just resolution."

Outside the courthouse, Elina Kats spoke to reporters, "We tried to help her, because we were afraid she might hurt herself," and remarked about Andreyeva's current drugged state, "I used to know a lively happy girl. This is not a person anymore."