Gothamist loves the city, but hearing these stories reminds us about the gritty underbelly.

F-Train- A murder suspects has been telling police that two murders he committed were by mistake, but the third, the third was the one he wanted to commit. Steven Santos, "stressed" from financial problems, was given a gun on the F-train from a friend, and murdered three people while robbing apartments at 504 Grand Street in June 2002. He was surprised by two elderly residents of one apartment: "Out of fear, I shot him, because I shot his wife by accident."

- Police have arrested a man who has been assaulting subway train conductors. The News says "Keon Smith, of Manhattan, was tackled by a plainclothes detective around 8 a.m. yesterday, seconds after the cop watched him punch a conductor in the face as she poked her head out of the northbound Q train." This was apparently the fifth conductor he hit, and the cops only nabbed him because Smith also grabbed a woman's breast who then called for help.