Sigh. As unemployment benefits will be drying up by the end of the year, we get this news: Eleven NY State prisoners managed to collect $30,000 in unemployment insurance. State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli announced that after an audit, the payments were discovered and his office was able to stop another $18,000 to the "unemployed" inmates. The Daily News reports, "In some cases, inmates were using the names and Social Security numbers of people on the outside to get benefits." DiNapoli states the obvious, "Convicted criminals should not be collecting unemployment benefits when they are in jail. Taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for this kind of outrageous scam. The Department of Labor and the Department of Corrections took immediate action when our audit findings were brought to their attention and are fully cooperating with us to ensure this does not happen again." The investigation is continuing, but DiNapoli suggested the labor and corrections departments work together to make sure there isn't any overlap with inmate and unemployment lists.