The wild goose chase around Prospect Park continues. The Canada goose, nicknamed Target [sad face], was first spotted yesterday morning around the park's lake, with a six-inch arrow stuck in its neck. So far no one has been able to catch it, and last night the Parks Department's Phil Abramson gave us this update:

"While it is not clear where this goose was injured, the Parks Department is closely working with the NYPD to apprehend anyone who would seek to harm a goose or other animal in our parks. Today, our Urban Park Rangers and members of the Prospect Park Alliance’s staff searched the park for the injured goose in an attempt to capture it for rehabilitation. Over an hour was spent on the lake attempting a capture, but every time that staff would get close, the goose would fly away. Efforts were suspended after the goose appeared to be stressed from the experience. We will maintain a regular presence in the park and attempt another capture at a future time."

While the bird appears to be healthy, Martin Hicks, one of the Urban Park Rangers, told the Brooklyn Paper that its condition was likely to worsen. Meanwhile, who pulled the trigger on this poor thing, or in this case, the bow? One local told the paper, “It must have been a stupid kid—these things happen.” Police are investigating the incident, which comes after months of other grizzly discoveries near the lake—including butchered animal parts and a variety of other dead animals.