With college graduation season in full swing, New York is about to be invaded with this year's crop of postgrads following the legends they've heard of this safe version of New York City that now apparently even promises affordable apartments in neighborhoods they've seen in movies since they were kids. The Times talks to recent transplants and realtors about just how affordable Manhattan apartments have gotten recently. One apartment hunter tells them, “I can type in my search criteria now and see 50 listings in Manhattan...they are definitely there and two years ago, they weren’t.” Others say that they're just satisfied with how spacious apartments are in neighborhoods they find pleasantly surprising such as Gowanus and Harlem. A recent grad described how many college friends she has in Astoria saying, “I guess it’s the same idea as immigrants—they find ways to stay near one another." One realtor tells the paper that things certainly have changed since the 32,000 graduates who arrived in 2007 when "Wall Street gave them $60,000 a year and $10,000 in moving fees.”