Sorry to break the news to you, giant inflatable rat, but you've outlived you usefulness. Don't get us wrong—you've still got a lot of good years left! But wouldn't those be better spent with your family, maybe traveling the country in an RV and going to rodeos? Let's face it; you're getting a little too old to spend your days standing outside construction sites in the cold. And the fact is, the unions these days demand a new, contemporary icon to represent the labor abuses of the ruling class. You're all washed up, rat—the workers want bedbugs now.

Asylum spotted this giant inflatable bedbug outside the Affinia Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Let us hasten to report that Affinia is one hotel in NYC that does NOT have bedbugs. But a "group of pissed-off painters deployed the inflatable insect to tsk-tsk Affinia and Capital Builders for not paying them union wages." They're currently handing out flyers titled: "Notice to the Public: Affinia Hotel -- Infested with Bed Bugs." But the hotel doesn't literally have bedbugs, just owners who are "sucking the financial blood from" the workers. With bedbug panic at its peak, you've got to wonder if guests on their way to check in will grasp that little nuance.