Park Slope is the kind of neighborhood where young men accumulate ginormous sticker collections and locals bicker passionately over their precious food co-op—so it's completely understandable why a lot of residents would seek out some sort of action just to feel alive again, man. And it seems a significant number of locals have been pursuing extramarital affairs, according to the scummy website responsible for arranging those very meetups!

Ashley Madison, which claims it has 840,300 members in the five boroughs, Long Island and southern Westchester County, has released their latest cheating data for NYC. Park Slope came in first with 10 percent of their clients; Gramercy Park and Tribeca followed with 9.7 and 9.3 respectively.

Former champion Great Neck fell to fourth place with 8.8; Hell’s Kitchen (8.7), Upper East Side (8), Astoria (7.6), Old Westbury (7.1), Brooklyn Heights (6.4), and Dix Hills (6) round out the top 10.

Ashley Madison has mastered the art of infidelity trolling: they know that if your husband is having a lot of steak dinners in Midtown, he's definitely having an affair, and that Mother's Day is the best day of the year to cheat. But hey, who are we to judge—all we have planned for tonight is a romantic dinner for one at the most erotic joint in town.