In a story straight out of any parent's nightmare a one-year-old girl died yesterday, her first birthday, after she fell off a bed at her grandmother's house and became wedged between the bedframe and a scalding hot radiator. No criminality is suspected.

The incident occurred when Gabriela Grimes and her older sister were visiting their grandmother's UWS apartment (they live in Albany). According to their grandmother, Lourdes Carrion, she put Gabriela to bed Monday night and checked on her and her sister at 2 a.m. and nothing was out of the ordinary. But when she went into their room again at 6:15 a.m. she found that Gabriela had fallen off the bed and become trapped next to the radiator. At that point she had severe leg burns and was in cardiac arrest, according to officials.

EMS workers quickly arrived, performed CPR and took the tot to St. Luke's Hospital, but it was too late. Police do not think the death was intentional but ACS is investigating. Gabriela's sister was not harmed in the incident.

"Obviously, the mother is upset, she’s devastated," Gabriela's uncle told the Post of his sister, Lilibeth Grimes. "There’s nothing you can say to console her. It was her baby."