As the MTA sets out to trim its ranks as a money-saving measure, it's the usual suspects in our cynical world who are getting shafted: the middle and lower-level employees. According to the Daily News, out of the 200 employees earning between $100,000 and $350,000, only five got the axe in the MTA's most recent administrative purge, while 22 employees making $55,000 or less, including seven secretaries, were fired.

Apparently one factor that has contributed to this unfortunate phenomenon is a bureaucratic catch-22: one MTA official said that the higher-ups were "following a directive by MTA Chairman Jay Walder to reduce administrative payroll in their areas by 20%, so they couldn't be expected to lay off themselves." Look on the bright side, though: if you're an MTA worker who's just been bought out, you can use the money (up to $20,000) you've been paid to buy a car and become part of the problem!