2006_11_adrienneshelley.jpgAdrienne Shelley, the actress of seminal independent movies Trust and The Unbelievable Truth, was found dead on Wednesday in her Greenwich Village office. Her husband Andrew Ostroy found her hanging from a shower rod in the bathroom in an Abingdon Square building. The Post reports that the police are "inclined" to beileve it was suicide (no signs of a struggle or forced entry at the door) but they are "investigating sneaker prints in the bathtub that did not match Shelley's shoes." The ME's office conducted an autopsy, but has not released the results.

Queens-born Shelley lived in Tribeca with her husband and 3 year old daughter and had recently focused on writing and directing. Her agent said, "She was so psyched about [her new film Waitress]. She gathered an amazing cast, and she was really happy and excited to hear back from Sundance about it." Here is her filmography - definitely check out Trust and The Unbelievable Truth, as well as last year's Factotum.