Long before getting hit with a 13-count federal indictment for charges of fraud and extortion stunning in both their scope and their audacity, Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) successfully brushed off a scandal that could have brought an end to his political career. According to the Daily News, Seabrook somehow divorced his wife without telling her.

In 1993, Seabrook legally split his wife, but kept the divorce secret for years "as his duped spouse shared a bed and a Bronx home" with him and cosigned a $140,000 loan for him. The ex, 64-year-old LaVerne Seabrook, only learned she was divorced when the information came to light during Seabrook's 2000 run for state Senate. His ex-wife says her former husband is innocent of the charges against him. "Do I believe it? No. When we were together, he was honest," she said. "When it comes to stuff like this, nah, that's not Larry."

Seabrook stopped living with his ex-wife in 1996, after the couple's daughter graduated high school, a decision he described by stating: "That's real family values."

Apparently other Councilmembers are hoping that Seabrook's indictment will be the final controversy for the scandal-scarred body. Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens) told the Post he feels "disappointment that these issues continue to pop up," and added: "Hopefully, this is the last one." Despite Speaker Christine Quinn's attempts to clean up the Council following the slush fund scandal, the head of the city's Department of Investigation told the Daily News there remains a need for "serious reform."