Yesterday morning, one of nuclear power plant Indian Point's reactors was shut down to "repair a malfunctioning cooling pump." Apparently there was a leak from a pump! The reactor is still offline today, but don't worry—the Journal News reports, "The reactor works at about 550 degrees Fahrenhei... so after the shutdown engineers needed to let it cool enough to assess the damage... The shutdown started about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.Indian Point 3’s production of electricity remains unaffected, company officials said."

Indian Point's reactors are 2 and 3 (1 was shut down in the 1970s). A 2010 NY Times article explained, "Both take in enormous volumes of river water — a combined 2.5 billion gallons a day, or more than twice the average daily water consumption of all of New York City — and use it to create steam for turbines and to cool the reactors. The water is then pumped back into the Hudson, 20 or 30 degrees hotter."

Riverkeeper says this latest incident is why Indian Point should be shut down: "A leaking seal here, a 100 exemptions from fire and safety regulations there. Sooner or later you’re going to have a real problem you can’t solve with PR." Indian Point is 35 miles from NYC.