Last night, a transformer explosion and fire shut down Reactor 2 at the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY, but Entergy, which owns the plant, told the Daily News, "Apparently, there was an explosion, but no fire to speak of. Nobody has been hurt. The plant is in a safe condition." We guess that's why the local fire department was turned away.

According to the Journal News:

The Verplanck Fire Department responded about 7:15 p.m., but the firefighters were stopped at the gates, Verplanck Assistant Fire Chief Joseph Curry said. They waited outside the gates for a while.

By 8:15, no Verplanck firefighters were left outside.

Entergy security officials would not release any information.

"Please leave the area," a security guard told a reporter.

Curry was allowed onto the grounds, but he wouldn't describe the nature of the fire or what he saw.

"All I know is we were not needed and that our department had no hand in any firefighting," Curry said. "We were not needed. We were turned away."

Another Entergy spokesperson said that no radioactive materials were released (Indian Point is 24 miles away) and there were no injuries. The company is investigating the issue; it's unclear when Reactor 2 will go back on line. Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has previously called Indian Point a "catastrophe waiting to happen."