As Democrats abandon Joe Lieberman in the wake of his defeat in Connecticut's Democratic Senate primary and announcement that he would run as an independent, Lieberman has picked up one possibly very important ally: Our mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The Democrat-turned-Republican who may or may not have ambitions that include residing in the White House put his considerable weight (well, it's weight when you measure his net worth - we're not sure what kind of political pizazz he has) behind Lieberman and said, "This country needs nonpartisan elected officials who think that doing the right thing for the public is more important than supporting some party. I plan to support him if he wants that help."

Hmm! That just adds more fuel to the "will Bloomberg run for President" fire, though some speculate he could end up helping more "like-minded" candidates, as per the NY Times. What we do know is that Bloomberg might have a tough chance in the regular GOP, in spite of his billions; Bloomberg has derided certain political attempts to belittle science and medicine and is all about gun control.