Happy 4th! Some holiday notes:

- The groundbreaking ceremony at Ground Zero ended with the announcer saying, "Please join us for refreshments at Battery Park," which sounded exactly like a ball game. Who knew? Newsday has more coverange.
- Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi broke his own record of hot-dog eating at Nathan's today, eatin 53.5 hot dogs! The second place finisher was around 15 or 16 hot dogs behind, which is insane. More coverage to come.
- And on the world note, Gothamist is also disturbed yet amused that Colin Powell was boogying (picture) to YMCA at a security conference in Asia. We always knew those conferences were really high school dances in disguise; we just want pictures of finance ministers doing the electric slide.
- It's George Steinbrenner's birthday! He's 74, and hoping the Yankees can win one from the Mets in their three-game series, which the Mets lead 2 games to none. Tien has great pictures from Saturday's game.
- Here are details about what will be open or closed tomorrow, Monday.
- Read the Declaration of Independence at the Library of Congress

And for tonight's fireworks celebration in the city, check this out. And the designer speaks to the Daily News.