2005_08_icmpic.jpgAh, there's nothing like Clyde Haberman taking on cell phone service in the subways in his NY Times column:

Say goodbye to some of the last refuges from the endless, witless yakking on cellphones that is epidemic in this city.

The terrorists can thus claim a success. They will have made it easier than ever for New Yorkers to drive one another crazy. All too many of them, you may have noticed, are not noted for restraint.

The only other thing cell phones in subways can mean is that the Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man has a new place to be inconsiderate!

The other subway article in the Times is about how the proposed security plan from Lockheed Martin is not a walk in the park and how Lockheed has had a questionable history with previous NYC agency projects. Gothamist guarantees that if there's an agency that can screw things up royally, it's the MTA, but because millions of New Yorkers rely on the subways, things will be fixed (after extensive delays) and running fine - just at 80% over the original estimate.