You don't have to wear a seat-belt!

The City section's FYI this week (last item) explained something we'd always wondered about, i.e. how come no cabbies ever seem to wear a seat-belt: Allen J. Fromberg from the Taxi and Limousine Commission explains that "although we encourage drivers and passengers alike to wear seat belts in a taxicab for any length of ride, they are specifically exempted from the usual requirement by the state Vehicle and Traffic Law."

No wonder our cabbies always seemed to chuckle back when Eartha Kitt used to tell us to buckle up each time the meter started (we still find ourselves reminding people that "Cats have nine lives, unfortunately you have only one"). But then again, at 500k per medallion buckling up might be a pretty safe bet...

Taxi Through The Steam by dustin3000 via Contribute.