Can you hear me now?After two and a half years, it was time for me to get a new cell phone. It was something I'd been avoiding to do, as the cell phone had seen me through the good and bad times but cell phone had been showing its age: Sometimes I couldn't make calls and more often that not, it had been asking me if we'd like to "update the time and date" every hour, even if I was simply walking from my apartment to the grocery store.

After calling the service provider, who proceeded to do a diagnostic check, it seemed that cell phone was tired. The service person said that cell phones should get 30-35 hours of rest a week - who knew? She said, "You know, when you go to sleep, turn it off and let it rest for eight hours and turn it on when you wake up." I said, "Who sleeps that much?" And as 30 hours of sleep a week is more than what I've been getting lately - maybe I need a diagnostic check up soon.

Nokia 6200Thus, yesterday, I went and bought the Nokia 6200 and am now on a GSM system. I stuck with a Nokia because, for better or for worse, I'm used to the user interface - Nokia owns me, essentially. The 6200 is thinner than the 8260, and has bigger buttons. The plate is gold, which makes it look so ugly it's hot. And the screen is in color (Jake archly informed me his Samsung phone was in color - whatever). Plus there are a couple features that will enable me to screen my calls more and more effectively. The old cell phone will be retired and may the new phone ring in with just as many good times.