Not a big fan with the businesses and layout of New York's buildings? Well, good news for you! Atari is coming out with Tycoon City: New York, which will supposedly have "true-to-life" neighborhoods, landmarks, and a bustling atmosphere. It's like Sim City: New York, but more detailed and "true-to-life". So if you don't like how that whole West Side Stadium thing is shaping up, perhaps you can place some buildings on the rail yard. The game will also have different jobs that you can take over: running a nightclub, throwing a concert in Central Park, owning a new restaurant, or organizing the Macy's Parade. Gothamist has to admit, organizing the parade does sound pretty awesome, but we would just have to add some panda and cat balloons.

Of course, we also wonder how realistic this game will be. Will your club be swarmed by hipsters on opening night and then "over" the next day? Will there be working subways? Bike protests? Protests down the streets of the city? Shootings in "interesting" neighborhoods? So many questions need to be answered!!

Another problem is that the game only seems to have Manhattan in it, making it a little less interesting. You can't even threaten to build a stadium for the Jets in Queens instead of over your precious rail yards.