jet stream from accuweatherWhen there's an El Niño, and there's a mild one right now, the atmosphere is more likely to circulate in a zonal, or west-to-east, pattern. A zonal circulation keeps the cold air to the north and the warm air to the south. Kind of like a McDLT! New York is far enough south that we mostly stay on the warm side of things. We're in a strongly zonal air flow pattern right now, and we look to stay that way for the next week.

Temperatures are in the mid-50s already this morning despite the rain and clouds. The rain won't last too long or be too heavy. A very wimpy cold front passes through town this evening. About all the front will do is clear out the clouds. Without those clouds we may hit 60 degrees tomorrow. Ditto for Friday, although there is a very slight chance for a shower or two then. Some hardly detectable, temperatures will still be well above normal, cooler air moves in for a brief stay on Saturday, before we move back into the upper-50s on Sunday.

Map of the zonally flowing jet stream from