cherry_blossoms_notchet.jpgThe cherry blossoms along the Cherry Walk and Cherry Esplanade at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are at peak and this weekend is the Garden's Sakura Matsuri, or Cherry Blossom Festival. The weather should be perfect for blossom viewing.

A big old high pressure system is sitting on top of us, blocking the low pressure system that may cause severe weather in Oklahoma and Texas from getting here. Not a cloud in the sky. High temperatures in the lower- to mid-60s. We know what Gothamist will be doing this weekend. Uh, backing up our computer's hard drive. But our dull life shouldn't stop you from enjoying the pretty flowers. Because the air is quite dry, dewpoints are in the 20s, it'll get quite chilly at night. Clouds, and a ever-so-slight chance of rain, creep into the forecast by Monday.

Cherry blossoms from Notchet via Contribute.