Days after the NY Times questioned his apparent lies and exaggerations about his service during the Vietnam War, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal accepted the Democratic party's nomination to run for Senator Chris Dodd's seat this fall. Blumenthal, who claimed he simply misspoke and also didn't have time to correct reporters (because they've made so many mistakes in reporting about him) said, "I have made mistakes. I regret them. And I have taken responsibility. But this campaign must be about the people of Connecticut."

The NY Times reported that Blumenthal that deferred serving in Vietnam five times before joining the Marine Corps Reserve, serving only in the U.S., yet he would say at campaign stops, "We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam." While many delegates appeared to "forgive" him, one told the Times yesterday that Blumenthal should have apologized, "People were ready to hear it. But to equivocate, and defend — it was just too much for me. What’s the matter with ‘I’m sorry’? You don’t put yourself out there as the height of integrity and get yourself caught up in such self-deception. It just will not work on the floor of the United States Senate." And the Times pointed out more "misstatements" by Blumenthal, such as him saying: "I wore the uniform in Vietnam, and many came back to all kinds of disrespect. Whatever we think of war, we owe the men and women of the armed forces our unconditional support."

Linda McMahon, wife of WWE's Vince McMahon and former CEO of WWE, won the Republican nomination. It's expected she'll tap into her millions for her campaign.