We love the NY Post for their priceless headlines as well as the fact that they let comedians write their news columns. But then they send out things like the above tweet, and it really makes us question our devotion to grabbing a free tattered copy of the rag from the garbage every day.

Minutes after Troy Davis was controversially executed last night, the Post tweeted: "Yankees clinch AL East. -In other news cop killer #TroyDavis died of lethal injection." We expect that kind of offhanded, tasteless tweeting from the likes of Ann Coulter, but not the Post. Coulter decided to make a few Burger King references in her own gross tweets on Davis (synergy?), including: "ONE TROY DAVIS FLAME-BROILED, PLEASE."

But while the majority of intelligent human beings don't pay any mind whatsoever to the Whopper-induced ravings of an attention-starved anti-Semite, they do care a bit more about what the NY Post says. Huffington Post immediately responded to the Post's tweet, writing, "The Post should be ashamed." To their credit, the Post did retweet Huffington's public scolding...along with a Michelle Malkin tweet to show balance, or something.