At long last, the NYPD has come up with a comprehensive way of organizing and sharing crash data with the public.

Streetsblog reveals that today the city released motor vehicle collision data on its open data portal. The data is updated daily, and lists information like time of collision, address, number of injuries and/or fatalities and any contributing factors leading to the crashes.

The NYPD has been releasing crash data on a monthly basis since 2011, but in order to find it, the public was forced to sort through a bevy of unsorted PDFs and Excel files on the agency's website. Over the summer, freelance web designer John Krauss pieced the NYPD information together to create an interactive map that analyzed and broke down data for the public; he says the NYPD's new data set is a major upgrade. "On first pass, this looks fantastic,” he told Streetsblog. “This is amazing, and more than I was expecting."

The release of the new data set coincides with the city's BigApps project launch, and Mayor de Blasio, who's made a show of pushing street safety through his Vision Zero initiative, is reportedly calling on New Yorkers to come up with apps that'll help pedestrians, cyclists and motorists maneuver the streets more safely.