New Yorkers have never shown a shortage of opinions on either tourists or cyclists, which is why an attack near Central Park on Thursday night has us confused as to whose side we're on. In the red corner we have Tamara Farra, a 45-year-old tourist from Los Angeles who was meandering down East 74th Street with her friend from New Jersey. In the blue corner, we have Carl Goodman, the 25-year-old cyclist with a "long rap sheet" who began circling Farra, spitting at her and grabbing at her throat. While Goodman sounds completely nuts, Farra did have the audacity to be from Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the good guy seems to be the one motorist in the story.

A nearby limo driver identified only as "Santos" reportedly leaped to Farra's rescue. "He said he was a cop...and worked 20 years and is retired," she said. "He saved us—he's our hero;" Santos said, "I helped a person in need and wouldn't hesitate to do it again." Goodman was arrested and charged with misdemeanor menacing, losing a point for cyclists in the ongoing battle with pedestrians and drivers.