There is a good look today at the disparities between Ferrer's and Bloomberg's advertising campaigns. And what disparities they are! For Ferrer's 1,494 television spots between 5/1 and 9/25 Bloomberg had 5,088. For Ferrer's $3 million spent on TV by 10/7 Bloomberg had spent $18 million. The typical New York television viewer (without the aid of a TiVo or DVR) is seeing up to 20 Bloomberg ads a week. Those same viewers see three or four Ferrer ads in the same period.

What does all of this come down to? Cash money. Bloomberg has his own and Ferrer does not. The last line of the story sums it all up: "The question is, can a message that's being outspent eight to one, nine to one on TV overcome? We're about to find out." Gothamist suspects not.

Tien found the best part of the story though. If you read the Times piece on Bloomberg's spending and go to the second page, what is the first thing you see an ad for? Bloomie, natch.