2005_08_wv.jpgYesterday's temperatures were exactly average, with a high of 82 and a low of 67 in Central Park. Today is not much different. Tomorrow won't be much different either. Friday and the weekend will be slightly warmer and slightly more humid, but otherwise not much different. Perfect barbeque weather!

While the weather here may not be newsworthy, Gothamist notes that there is interesting weather to be had around the world. Tropical Storm Katrina is developing rapidly and may be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall, most likely in South Florida, on Friday. In the Midwest, a lack of rain has severely damaged this year's corn crop and low river levels are affecting barge traffic, which is responsible for roughly 15 percent of U.S. commerce.

Drought is also causing problems in Portugal and Spain, while central Europe is suffering from floods. Drought and swarming locusts have brought Niger to the brink of a famine, with 3.6 million people in need of food.