A high pressure system centered near Montreal is giving New York and New England plenty of sun today.

An air mass in that location perfectly sets up the development of an afternoon sea breeze which will keep afternoon temperatures down to the lower 70s across Long Island. However, it is not clear how far into the city the breeze will reach. Most forecasters think temperatures will top off in the mid 70s but the National Weather Service is saying Manhattan and the Bronx will escape the clutches of the sea breeze and warm to the upper 70s.

The Canadian high will slide eastward overnight, resulting in an easterly wind tomorrow and a high in the low 70s. Thursday should be mostly sunny during the day but clouds will move in overnight as the storm system that's been plaguing the middle part of the country this week finally heads in our direction.

Friday promises to be wet with a good chance of showers in the morning and showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Friday's high should reach the upper 60s if not the lower 70s. Saturday is likely to be just as warm but with a much lower probability of rain. That's the end of the warm weather though, cooler air will arrive on Sunday and that will keep our highs in the lower to mid 60s for much of next week.