Last night, Rachel Maddow looked at Republican 2012 presidential contender Mitt Romney's wealth and embarrassing statements, like telling people, "I'm also unemployed, too" and "Corporations are people." Oh, and the fact that Romney's also going to be at Martha's Vineyard followed by the Hamptons and is tearing down his house in La Jolla, California to make way for a larger one. Maddow said Romney is totally channeling Thurston Howell III, the richer-than-thou Gilligan's Island character, which means that we need to figure out whether Michele Bachmann is Mary Ann or Ginger.

Maddow's guest, Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson, contended that Bachmann was Mary Ann while Sarah Palin was obviously Ginger. Maddow interrupted, "Wait, wait, wait, you've got Mary Ann and Ginger... I totally see Bachmann as Ginger." This very important politics-meet-pop culture discussion starts around the 7-minute mark.

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Robinson thought Jon Huntsman was the Professor because he believes in global warming. Maddow suggested that Ron Paul could be Skipper and Gilligan could be Rick Perry or Rick Santorum; Robinson's picks were Ron Paul for Gilligan and Newt Gingrich for the Skipper.