Today, between 3PM and 7PM, many people are planning to attend an immigration rally at City Hall. There are a couple different plans (the Daily News says some are marching over the Brooklyn Bridge again while others will start at Washington Square Park), with students, taxi drivers and other service workers will walk out or leave work in order to attend the rally. Yesterday's rally in Dallas had hundreds of thousands of people.

For more information about protests regarding the country's immigration bill, check out April10.org. There's an Op-Ed in the NY Times urging for immigration policies that encourage skilled, versus unskilled, immigrants; the Daily News' publisher Mort Zuckerman has similar points, but mainly focuses support on Senator John McCain's proposed bill. And Gothamist on the April 1 rally.

Updated: The rally is drawing big crowds downtown. One reader who works by Washington Square Park says that she couldn't turn without seeing the police. Keep sending us your tips and pictures.

Photograph of today's rally participants by Boss Tweed on Flickr via Gothamist Contribute