Tips and photos are beginning to come in regarding today's rally against changes in the immigration laws. Multiple thousands were expected to cross over the Brooklyn Bridge this morning, ending up in front of the Javits Federal Building. Obviously there were many protesters, but from the photographs we've seen the projections initially being thrown around sound a bit high. What happened? Were people worried about the rain? (Semi-related tangent: There was a really great article a while back that we're too lazy to google on the complications of getting an exact person count in protests, does anyone else remember this?)

Did you march? Do you think it was successful? Drop us a comment!

Meanwhile Bloomberg yesterday finally offered up some of "his most explicit views so far" on the immigration debate calling for "tighter border controls, more generous visa policies for foreign scientists and the granting of permanent residency - though not necessarily citizenship - to the estimated 11 million immigrants in the country."

Eh, OK, fine Mike. But when you say you would support a physical wall on the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico, that was an early April Fools, right?

Photo by jgo★ via G'ist Contribute.