Thousands participated in yesterday's immigration rally in downtown Manhattan. The AP reports that immigrants and their supporters were "calling for immigration policy reform and an end to practices like federal raids and deportations." The Bush proposed policy involves immigrants paying $10,000 fines and going back to their native country to apply for citizenship.

The rally started in Washington Square Park and then moved to Union Square, with protesters attaching leaves to a paper tree to symbolize how immigration raids and deportation have torn families apart. One Queens woman who immigrated from Venezula and works as a janitor, told the NY Times that she was afraid she'd be separate from her 8-year-old daughter who was born in the U.S., “I want everybody in America to know that I work, I work hard. I pay I.R.S. money. I’m doing everything right.” A spokesperson for the NY Immigration Coalition said, "We need to pass immigration reform that's pro-family and pro-worker."

Yesterday's protest brought out an estimated 5,000 people in Manhattan, which is lower than turnout from last year. About 150,000 marched in Chicago, well below the 500,000 that marched last year.

And this week, the Daily News and CUNY's Citizenship and Immigration Project have been hosting Citizenship Now! Immigration Call-in where lawyers are answering immigration questions. The numbers are: English, 212-330-6505, and Spanish, 212-330-6506.

Photographs of rally in Union Square by Tien Mao