2006_05_immirally.jpgToday is "Day Without An Immigrant" day, as immigrants across the county will choose various ways to protest the country's possible immigration policy shift. While some are not going to work at all, in New York, workers are going to link their arms at 12:16PM for about 20 minutes. From the New York Immigration Coalition:

At exactly 12:16pm on May 1st, immigrant workers, business owners, and community members at several locations can take a few minutes out from their workday to join together in solidarity with immigrants across the nation, by lining up along major immigrant commercial thoroughfares and holding signs that read, “We Are America!” and “I Love Immigrant New York!” Immigrant workers and business owners will be available for interviews.

...(12:16 is chosen in symbolic protest of December 16, 2005 – the day that the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4437, the Sensenbrenner/King immigration bill, which is the harshest and most punitive immigration bill in nearly a century.)

You can see where the eight human chain sites are via this PDF. They include Sunset Park at Fifth Avenue between 46th and 60th Streets, Jackson Heights at 37th Avenue between 72nd and 82nd Streets, and Chinatown on East Broadway between Chatham Square and Allen Street. There will also be a rally at 4PM in Union Square, and then marchers will go down Broadway for another rally at 7PM in Foley Square.

There have been rallies from April 1 and April 10.


Update: Photographs are starting to come in of the rally. Here are some tags on Flickr - day without an immigrant + nyc and may 1 2006. We could hear marchers earlier. Did you go to the rally?

Update: Jesse Chan Norris tells us that Broadway is completely blocked off (below 14th). The line of marchers is a couple blocks long and they have formed a human chain around them. And they chanting "U.S.A."!

Update: Broadway is totally blocked off, lots of police presence. Right now at 5:44PM, they are crossing Houston, on their way to Foley Square. Here's a photo we snapped from a distance of the march.


Top photograph of the April 1 immigrants' rally from j*go on Flickr; middle photograph from today's rally at Union Square from webchango on Flickr

JCN snapped a couple of great crowd shots from his apartment high above Broadway:


UPDATE: we got some shots as the march crossed Houston, and followed it down to Spring Street.