Sticking by her comments about how only immigrants use bike lanes and Donald Trump will be getting rid of them, Queens Community Board 4 member Ann Pfoser Darby explained to the media that claiming she could spot an undocumented immigrant doesn't make her a racist.

WABC7 got a recording of the comments made at the community board meeting where Darby made her xenophobic statements. Darby told meeting attendees that "when ICE goes through, logically speaking they're not going to have people using bike lanes" and that the city would have to start removing bike lanes because according to Darby "people are not there to ride those bicycles anymore, the people are back home. And there's going to be more people back home."

Darby continued to defend her comments from Tuesday night, telling NBC4, "I'm a realist, not a racist. I speak the truth," and claimed that she was just a victim of political correctness. "Racial realism" is a term widely used to try to give a scientific or rational sheen to the racist views of the people who claim they're just truth tellers.

Transportation Alternatives' Juan Restrepo, who was at the meeting on Tuesday night, posted a video of a member of cycling activist group Mujeres en Movimiento responding to Darby, in which she told her "I hope their words are taken by the wind, we have sons that are here and will keep resisting."

Darby had previously told the board that she would talk to Donald Trump personally about the safety improvements proposed for 111th Street, and also seemed to hint at the idea behind her most recent comments during a debate about a bike lane study for Queens Boulevard.

Make the Road New York blasted Darby's comments, in a statement in which the group's executive director, Javier Valdes, wrote that "this type of racist nonsense has no place in our Community Board."

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz told Gothamist that "these types of comments by public servants are never acceptable." A spokesperson for Katz declined to comment further on the matter, but said that she's currently reviewing applications for seats on the community board including an application from Ms. Darby. Katz will announce all of her community board appointments by the end of March.