Imam Charles Aziz Bilal has been arrested in a South Jamaica, Queens prostitution sting. According to authorities, late Tuesday night Bilal offered $25 to an undercover agent in exchange for sex at a Howard Johnson, which was just 10 blocks from the mosque that he runs. At least it wasn't at a Dunkin' Donuts.

However, it was during Ramadan, which — rightfully so — has some of Bilal's congregation a little shocked by the news. "I know that's not true," a man told The Daily News. "This is the month of Ramadan. It's not possible. In the most important month of the year, no one can believe this."

Unfortunately for his fans, it seems Bilal has a knack for doing the wrong thing. He's allegedly been arrested 18 times since 1970, for everything from grand larceny to attempting to bribe a public official. Not exactly someone who garners much, well, faith, is he?

Bilal, 58, is also, ironically enough, a chaplain at Rikers Island. We're guessing that soliciting sex from undercover cops is one sermon he hasn't covered yet.