New York politicians on the Hill are doing their happy dance: The Department of Homeland Security will give $26 million in port funding for this year, which the NY Post reports is a 400% increase over last year's port funding. Remember how earlier this summer the DHS released it/s budget, and New York City's (and DC's funding) was cut by 40%? Granted, the overall DHS budget was lower, but when you drastically cut back on two big terror targets, people wonder what's going on.

Anyway, King, who chairs the House's Homeland Security Committee, said, "It's obvious there's been a clear change in the grant analysis and the definition of threat and risk," and credited Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff for helping get funding. Good for you, Secretary Chertoff - for doing your job! Unfortunately this morney won't cover cargo screenings, but coin is coin.

Remember how Secretary Chertoff tried to explain why city funding went down in a NY Times op-ed?